Osiris, God of the Underworld

Like most religions Egypt developed its beliefs over an extended period of time and, like most other religions, not everyone seems to agree with many of the beliefs. The creation of the Earth, for example, depending on who you would have talked to and at which point in time you spoke to them would have…

Batman- Some Days You Just Cant Get Rid Of A Bomb

Holy World War II Batman, It’s a Bat Bomb!

Throughout the history of war people have come up with some heinous ways to inflict mass destruction. Some launched plague ridden cadavers over castle walls in a medieval attempt to spread bubonic plague within your enemy’s ranks. Timur Khan, descendant of the great Genghis Khan, figured the best thing to do when facing the enemy…

Childrens Crusade

Children’s Crusade of 1212

Religion has played a valuable role in bringing groups of people with little to nothing in common together throughout history. Kingdoms have raised to power or crumbled to dust as a direct result of religious choices made by those who ruled the lands. It goes without say that religion is a fundamental building block in…

Golden Age of Islam

Lost Knowledge in the House of Wisdom

When most people are asked about lost or destroyed texts, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the burning of Alexandria’s library which occurred around 2,000 years ago. The burning of Alexandria is arguably the largest loss of knowledge ever to be recorded as it is estimated the library housed upwards of 200,000…

Panokseon Ship

The Battle of Myeongnyang

Though there are many great naval battles in history, some very recent such as the battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944 and others not so recent. Some battles are hard fought, well planned strategic victories, while others are pure luck. In fact, the battle of Myeongnyang was a product of the defiance and pride of…

Dian Wei-by yty2000

Dian Wei: the Warlords Bodyguard

Through the years China has had many dynasties and an even greater number of emperors ruling over them. Ranging from the great emperor Wu of the mighty Han Dynasty who is noted for leading china through its largest expanse in 141-87 BC to the Qin Dynasties creator Emperor Qin Shinuang just to name a few….

Temple Of Saturn


The ancient Romans are often attributed with a variety of creations that we still use today such as concrete, the first bound books and even the modern Gregorian calendar which is modeled after the Roman’s Julian calendar. Roman society itself is considered one of the greatest societies of all time having one of the most…


The Wolves Of WWI

During the winter of 1917 the front lines that separated the Russian Red Army and the Imperial German Army during World War 1 stretched more than 1,000 miles starting at the Baltic Sea all the way down to the Black Sea. On top of the brutal fighting that was occurring the winters in Russia, for…


Chernobyl Disaster

Modern science has managed to change our lives in some miraculous ways. Examples range anywhere from organ transplants, bio-engineered farming, instant communications and countless other advancements. Science is revered as a field that aides people more so than anything, but, this doesn’t mean that everything always goes as planned. The topic I’d like to bring…

Gunung Padang

Gunung Padang Megalith

Imagine the world 20,000 years ago, what would it be like? Would there be civilized humans? Would they live in organized villages? Could they communicate and cultivate? In fact, imagine that our entire historical timeline of civilization was off by several thousand years. How would this affect our theories, our origins, even who we attribute…

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