What We Do

Welcome to Konscious Kloud! We started this site with the sole intention of showing you parts of the world that most people never hear about. This isn’t just another online journalism site, we’re here to teach. If you’re a fan of knowledge and alternate views on controversial opinions, you’ve come to the right place. Konscious Kloud isn’t just another site posting the same main stream news you’re used to seeing, our goal is to to expand your conscious! We don’t just write about the latest news stories, but we write about history, new technologies, science and anything that we find interesting.

Why We Do It

Here at Konscious Kloud we just love learning, plain and simple! Other then that we’re just as tired of the main stream news as everyone else. We want to provide quality content and coverage on topics that aren’t covered by current media outlets. We’ve spent many long nights up looking for information on underexposed topics that we had interest in. After doing that for a few years we figured we might as well compile what we found somewhere! At Konscious Kloud we hope to help you find what you’ve been searching for, without the hours of digging.

How It Started

Konscious Kloud started as a place for the creator to post his content on. Over time the articles grew and we figured “why not share them?” so, here we are! We’re always adding new content and trying to find topics that aren’t widely covered. We hope that you enjoy our compilation of history, news, and current events!

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