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Chernobyl Disaster

Modern science has managed to change our lives in some miraculous ways. Examples range anywhere from organ transplants, bio-engineered farming, instant communications and countless other advancements. Science is revered as a field that aides people more so than anything, but, this doesn’t mean that everything always goes as planned. The topic I’d like to bring…

Gunung Padang

Gunung Padang Megalith

Imagine the world 20,000 years ago, what would it be like? Would there be civilized humans? Would they live in organized villages? Could they communicate and cultivate? In fact, imagine that our entire historical timeline of civilization was off by several thousand years. How would this affect our theories, our origins, even who we attribute…

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The Amber Room

While Adolf Hitler was the fuhrer of Germany he did many questionable things that he personally believed would benefit the world. Of these questionable acts there’s one in specific that many people aren’t even aware took place. Even before his attempted conquest of Europe the Fuhrer had dreams of owning the largest museum in the…

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